Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Much Fun!

Last year Utah had a crazy warm winter. Jeff only had to fire up the snow blower twice the whole season. This year I think we are making up for lost flurries! We have been socked in with snow and it looks as if there's no end in sight! Jeff has literally snow blown twice...in one day this year! 
But with all the white stuff comes endless possibilities for cold, frosty creations. You can guess what my crazy Star Wars obsessed clan created (Jeff was the master mind!) A Snow BB8! Here he is in full glory!
We are enjoying a very white winter here in Utah and fondly remembering our fun in the sun in Florida.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Disney World

We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a little break from the cold of January in Utah with a trip to Florida. There was no way I could travel all the way across the country and NOT pay a visit to Disney World.

As you know I LOVE Disneyland, almost to the point of it being a little embarrassing (being a grown woman, mother of 2). Disney World is a whole different animal (I'll cover my Disneyland vs Disney World opinions in a later post!), the planning is intense! We had a fantastic time!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Little Pilgrims

 One of my Favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to dress up A and a and take some pics of my cute pilgrims. I worry this is the last year Big A is going to let me do a "Pilgrims" photo shoot. I decided to go all out this year and do it at Gardner Village. Big A kind of freaked out "I look like  DORK!" I assured him that is was Sunday and Gardner Village was closed so no one would be around. I did not tell him I planned on plastering the pics around the house and on line. The resulting pics turned out TOO cute and the Pilgrim pieces from last year still fit so no sewing for Momma this year (yea!) I hope next year Big A will think it's ironically cool and do it again but alas I don't think too man 8-year-olds get ironically cool....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Little Ballerina

Our little A has taken Ballet at the Classical Ballet Conservatory in Gardner Village for a little over a year now. It is amazing how much she has grown and changed in that year. She pays so much more attention and is so much more focused (well for a 4 year-old). 

This weekend was the mini showcase "Breakfast with the Ballet" a chance for the dancers to perform a small piece for friends and family to see how they are doing (the full formal recital will be in the spring). 

Our little A did such and amazing job! I am so proud of our beautiful Ballerina! Check out the performance below (Little A is the one in the middle)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Big A is Lucky 7!

Big A is now officially a 7 year old. I say this every year but seriously, how is this possible? My little boy is growing up so fast it is crazy. In just the last year the changes in him are astounding. He is such a bright, funny, kind, playful, thoughtful little guy. I am truly the lucky one, this "7" is my Boy!

A thank you to FotoFly photography for once again giving me outstanding birthday shots of A!

A-Maze-ing times at the Crazy Corn Maze!

We decided that this was the year that we would venture into the fall fun of a Corn Maze. We thought A and a were both old enough to have a fun time in a maze. Having watched “survivor” since birth they are both totally familiar with the idea of a maze and were totally excited about tackling the challenge.

We decided to give the “Crazy Corn Maze” in West Jordan (8800 South 4000 West) a try for our first maze. It seemed like a good size. Big enough to be a challenge but not crazy huge like some in the valley. The Maze was done in the shape of a jester this year and you were given a basic map at the start as well as a “corn” trivia sheet. The trivia was numbered 1-10 and coincided with markers throughout the maze. The trivia was a true/false that gave you hints on going left or right as you went along. A took immediate control of the map and was our unofficial leader. It was great though he and little a conferred on which way to go, working as a great team (no fights!) The size was perfect, it took us a little over an hour to complete the maze; long enough to make it worthwhile but not overly long and complicated to bore or frustrate the kids.

It was a fantastic family outing that A and a gave “ten thumbs up” (highest marks in our house!)

You can score a coupon for the Crazy Corn Maze here: