Monday, September 12, 2016

First Stop Kindergarten... Next Stop the World

I can’t believe this day has come. My little a, my “baby,” just started kindergarten.  
In some ways I felt much more prepared for her to start than I did for Big A. I know her teacher (the same one Big A had) and LOVED her. I know that she will give little a an amazing kindergarten experience. I know the school now, and the ins and outs of the schedule. All those unknowns that kind of freaked me out when Big A started were not there anymore.
I now had the great sadness of losing my little buddy to contend with. We had the option of starting her this year or waiting until next year since she just turned 5 over the summer. She is the youngest kid in her class and that makes me nervous too. However if you know our little A you know that she is feisty and smart and outgoing and so ready to start school. Holding her back would have made me happy to have the extra year of our one on one time but it would not have been fair to her (as much as I REALLY wanted to!)
So off she went. Butterfly Backpack (she picked out), and a huge grin ready to take on school. I don’t worry about her being shy or not making friends, I worry about her taking over the school!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's Have a Parade...of Homes!

We once again embarked on the Salt Lake Parade of Homes with A and A in tow and once again we were so pleasantly surprised by their interest and excitement of touring the amazing houses. They were both in awe of the cute elements that were obviously made to make the house kid friendly but also at lots of little items. The TV that seemed to "magically" appear from the ceiling of a master bedroom was a big hit. Even the HUGE walk-in closets garnered squeals of excitement ("Someone could LIVE in this closet!" Little a exclaimed!) The biggest hit was a "hidden" reading nook that was tucked behind a secret bookshelf. I have to admit it was probably my favorite feature too!

I don't know if it's the grandeur of the homes, the shine of all the elegant d├ęcor or the overall "adult" atmosphere but whatever the reason A and A acted SO grown-up! They walked (didn't run!) and kept their hands to themselves, they visited with other house goers and politely waited their turn in the more crowded houses. It was so fun to watch my wild and crazy duo acting so proper!

It's funny that people think that kids wont like this kind of thing. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they wont be just as in awe of the amazing mansions of the Parade of Homes. The "Kid Caves" and Media Rooms are just as awesome to them as they are to you. So as you contemplate checking out the Parade of Homes consider taking your little ones along, their interest might surprise you.

As we spent a full day touring homes in sweltering heat, sudden micro-burst rain, and crazy pelting hail A and A whined and complained on the way home. "Can't we go to just one more house???" Big A whined.

A thanks to the Salt Lake Builders Association for providing us passes to the Salt Lake Parade of Homes,
All opinions are my own.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Salt Lake Parade of Homes DISCOUNT!!!

The Salt Lake Parade of Homes is almost here! A& A are so excited about going again this year! (Check out our fun last year…  HGTV Kids )

Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2016
July 29 - August 13, 2016
Monday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closed Sundays

The Salk Lake Home Builders Association is giving my readers a FANTASTIC deal! $3 off tickets! Use coupon code adventures when you check out and save $3 on each ticket you buy!

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Check back soon for a look at our Parade of Homes 2016 Adventures!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our (Not So) Little A Turns 5!

Sometimes I just can’t get over the fact that my “baby” girl is growing up so fast. She is 5… FIVE… Half way to 10!!!  I am sure I’ll always feel like this. I mean we have so much growing up still to come, Tween, Teen… I don’t even want to think about that! Hitting 5 is hard enough!

Our little a is such a big girl now. She knows her numbers, Adds, Subtracts.. Letters, reads a bit. She LOVES Puzzles and Baseball, Swimming, and pretend Cooking. She is so smart but she loves some crazy shows “Zig and Sharko” and “Oggy and the Cockroaches” are her faves! She still loves Frozen and Zootopia. She is fearless, she’ll climb anything and her favorite ride is “Tower of Terror”!

She had a fun Birthday full or Family, Friends and Festivities! She got to Party with Chuck E. Cheese and enjoyed MULTIPLE birthday cakes! 
  She is a Silly, Crazy, Fierce, Funny, Playful, Zany, Sweet, Sassy, Fearless, Smart, Lovable,
Little Girl.... and now she is 5!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Utah Arts Fest... 2 ways

We have found it… It’s official… the BEST way to do the Utah Arts fest as a family.
Do it twice! Once as a date night (we did Friday), and Once as a Kids day out (we did Saturday morning).
It is the perfect way to fully enjoy the festival.

Arts Fest #1: Date Night!
Thanks to my wonderful parents A and A had a fun sleepover, freeing me and Jeff up for a grown-up night at the Fest. We were able to leisurely stroll through the aisles of art. Jeff chatted with fellow artists and we ran into several friends we could stop and chat with. We ate and drank some of the wonderful offerings at the Fest and stopped to enjoy some of the fun entertainment, (the aerialists were especially impressive! We stayed out late and enjoyed the Arts fest at a relaxed pace (not something possible with A and A).
Arts Fest #2: Kids Day
We picked up A and A and headed out for Festival opening. This Arts fest experience was completely different from the one we had the previous night. It was kinetic, full of joy and energy. There was very little stopping at any of the booths, however some of the bright, bold pieces did catch A and A’s eye.
There was no time for chit, chat, no time for pleasantries. There was one focus… the art yard! The kids had the BEST time! They painted the huge “sculptures.” A put big blue A’s everywhere!  They did all of the activities; Tracy Aviary was doing “seed bombs,” Museum of Natural History did DNA bracelets, there was wish bottles, and time capsules. The SO delicious Dairy Free company gave out free “ice cream” bars to everyone (They actually ARE SO delicious!). It was all perfect and the weather was absolute perfection, 80’s but sunny, couldn’t have asked for better! A and A had an amazing time and since we had done the festival the night before we didn’t have to drag them to do anything they didn’t want to.
Another Arts Fest for the books!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

1...2...3... Strikes... and we're out

It has been nothing but baseball, baseball, baseball at our house this spring (early summer).
Both A and a and me and Jeff have been doing pretty much nothing but baseball.
Big A moved up to AA ball this year. This means it's competitive now! Outs count, they keep score, there's a draft, Kids pitch, and it has all become very, very serious. There were 20 games. Jeff decided to coach again this year and he and Big A were part of the Pirates. It seemed like such a daunting thing when the season was starting, it seemed like So many games and so much effort.
Little a was old enough to start tee ball this year. She was so totally excited for it! She has spent 3 long seasons watching her brother from the stands and she was ready to hit the fields herself. Since Jeff was taking on the AA team I decided to try my hand at coaching (It's tee ball, I can teach them to run to the right!) It was an amazing experience. The kids grew so much and so improved from the first game to the last. By the end of the season I had 3 kids hitting a pitched ball (Little A was a total slugger, hitting a pitched ball so good!) I loved it!
It really has been all baseball for all of us for the last few months (My Amazing parents, Ma and Pa attended EVERY game!). Now that the season is over and I'm cleaning cleats and putting away bat bags for the year I can't believe it's over! It really did fly by. It was so wonderful watching the kids grow and improve, watching them form the wonderful bond of a team, watching them gain confidence as the season progressed. It was so fun getting to know the families, cheering on all the players. Now that it's over I can't wait for the next season!


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Disneyland 2016… They did it again!

I start off by saying that I realize how very, very blessed we are. My parents have once again completely spoiled us. They treated us to a wondrous, magnificent, amazing vacation once again. First whisking us away in a Limo to the airport and taking us all to the “happiest place on earth.” We spent four jam packed days in one of our very favorite places…Disneyland!

We stayed in the glorious Grand Californian. We rode all of our favorite rides (most more than once!). We completely gorged ourselves on decadent food. We played with some of our most beloved character pals (thankfully both A and a embraced the magic and still loved the character experience!) Most of all we got to spend 4 wonderful days making amazing memories with the people we hold most dear. This is what makes these times the most special.

Disneyland 2016 brought us so many, many wonderful memories; bonding memories of things not going quite as planned (a canceled flight! Craziness at LAX!), Funny memories (PaPa using the child strap in Soaring!) Sweet memories (The innocent beaming faces of A and a as they hugged their favorite character friends), Tasty memories (waiting in line almost an HOUR for the most delicious corndogs I have ever tasted!), loving memories (My Mom and Dad walking hand in hand down Disneyland main street with A and A, all 4completely brimming with pure love and happiness). Our trip may be over but the memories of Disneyland 2016 will last forever!