Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kiddie Pool Life Hack

Jeff insisted that the kids get a much bigger kiddie pool this year. I didn't want something that was a permanent feature. We came to a compromise with the largest inflatable pool we could find. It's a whopping 120.0 " L x 72.0 " W x 22.0 " . That is a pretty good size for a kiddie pool.

The one thing we hadn't thought about was filling it. If we use straight hose water it is FREEZING and because of the volume it NEVER warms up during the day. I came up with an idea that allowed us to fill up the pool with our warm "house" water. It has been a lifesaver. The pool is actually usable and it's ready for the kids as soon as it's full. PERFECT!

First remove the head from your kitchen faucet (it easily unscrews)

Next bring in one end of your outdoor hose into your kitchen window

Use Duct Tape to secure the hose to your window sill

Line up your faucet line to the hose and secure it with Duct Tape.
Then turn your faucet on Hot and watch the warm water flow right out your hose and fill up your kiddie pool!!

Utah Arts Fest 2014

It is time for the Utah ARTS fest again. We loaded up the kids and headed downtown to check out all the sights. This year one of the main sponsors was "Shock Top" and the kids LOVED the Cars decked out in Shock Top Mohawks. The kids "Art Yard" had a Mad Hatter party and the kids were able to let their creative juices flow and create awesome chapeau's. There were life sized cows, chicks and tractor's that the kiddos helped decorate. Our "big" purchase was two bow and arrow sets that A and a were super stoked about.

 Oh yea there was also lots of art. Jeff and I got to do a quick perusal of the art in between kiddo activities. Someday we will have a civilized art focused time at the ARTS fest again but now is not that time. I am sure when that time comes we will miss our crazy times in the kids art yard.


Monday, June 23, 2014

The Graduate

Big A has passed his first milestone. He is now a Pre-School Graduate. He went to Challenger and has loved school. He made lots of “Buddies” and learned so much. The last day was a “Circus” theme and the kids were invited to come in costume. Big A insisted on being a Ninja Turtle.
After his last day of school we took the kiddo’s over to Murray Park and I had a little photo shoot for our graduate. Our Niece V graduated this year and had these adorable pictures from her pre-school graduation in cap and gown. It was so fun seeing her then and now. Big A wore Daddy’s cap and gown from when he graduated the U. In 2027 I’ll have these cute shots of A and it will be fun to see his transformation from our little guy to a young man.

After the shoot we took A and a to Toys R Us for their big surprise…we got them bikes! They were SO excited and couldn’t wait to get out on them. We were talking about if we thought they would fit in our car and Big A said “We don’t need them to fit in the car.” I asked why not. He said “ Because we will just ride them home!” I laughed and told him it was too far (We are about 5 miles from Toys R Us, a bit far for training wheels). Big A said “It’s okay Momma, I’ll be careful, I’ll just ride behind the car.”   Our little ones are growing up so fast.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

104 days of Summer Vacation...Fun In Utah...Everything you need to know - Info, prices, hours

"There's a 104 day of Summer Vacation..." The Phineas and Ferb theme song keeps running through my head as Big A is about to finish up Pre-school. This is our first official summer vacation. The first time that we have an actual deadline on our summer fun. Until now it's just been an endless stream of family fun, nothing to impede our play. Now Kindergarten looms in the distance, just waiting to steal our Big A away.

I feel like I have an obligation to make summer SUPER fun for the kids. It's like I have to make up for the fact that Big A will be entering school in the fall with extra fun this summer. I came up with a bunch of ideas of fun local (Salt Lake City area) places we should explore this summer.

 I saw a bunch of lists on pinterest of fun places but nothing that gave the down and dirty info. I wanted locations, times, and especially prices. So I went to researching all the fun places I had thought up and decided it would be a good list to share with you. SO below is a list of family fun places around the Salt Lake area with all the info, and Here is a printable PDF for your own reference.

Summer Things to Do


Hogle Zoo

2600 East Sunnyside Avenue | Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Phone: (801) 584-1700
March 1 – October 31
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Adults                                    $14.94
Seniors (65 and older):
Children (3 to 12):
Children 2 and younger:     Free
Living Planet Aquarium
12033 South Lone Peak Parkway Draper, UT 84020
Phone: 801-355-FISH (3474)

10am -6pm Daily
Adult $15.95
Senior (65 and Older) $12.95
Student (College ID Required) $12.95
Teen (13 – 17) $12.95
Child (3 – 12)  $10.95
Baby (2 and Under) Free
Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum
444 West 100 South in The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City
Phone: 801-456-5437
Monday- Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday-Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday Noon-6pm
General Admission $8.50
Senior (65 and older) $6.00
Children under 1 Free
Thanksgiving Point
3003 N. Thanksgiving Way Lehi, UT 84043
Phone: 888.672.6040
Farm Country
Spring/Summer Hours (April - October): 10 am - 8 pm
Closed Sundays
 Adults $7.00
Children  $7.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
March 29 - September 30:  9 am - 8 pm
Closed Sundays
 Adults $15.00
Seniors (65 and older) $12.00
Children (3-12) $12.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
Museum of Natural Curiosity
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8 pm
 Adults $15.00
Seniors (65 and older) $12.00
Children (3-12) $12.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
Museum of Ancient Life
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8 pm
 Adults $15.00
Seniors (65 and older) $12.00
Children (3-12) $12.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
This is the Place Heritage Park
2601 E. Sunnyside Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: 801.582.1847
May 24 - September 1
Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00pm
Monday - Saturday
 Adults $11.00
Seniors (55 and older) $8.00
Children (3-12) $8.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
 Adults $5.00
Seniors (65 and older) $3.00
Children (3-12) $3.00
Babies (2 and under) Free
Lagoon Drive Farmington, UT 84025
Phone: (801) 451-8000
June 1 – August 24
Fridays 11:00 am – 11:00pm
Saturdays 10:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday- Thursday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Regular: $47.95 (48 inches to 65 Years Old)
Senior (65 and Older): $42.95
Youth: $35.95 (Under 48 Inches)
Costco Discount Regular Passes $39.99
Draper:  75 East Southfork Drive Draper, Ut 84020
Kaysville: 525 S. Deseret Drive Kaysville, Ut 84037
Phone: 801-660-6800
10:00am – 11:00pm (Most Days)
Indoor Unlimited Pass - All Ages
Includes: Laser Tag, Bowling (Includes shoe rental), Rollerball, Kiddie Cove and  a $5 Game Card
Fun Packs
Pick 2 - Includes 2 attraction passes & $5 game card
Pick 3 - Includes 3 attraction passes & $5 game card
Each Attraction pass good for choice of:
Go-Kart Ride
Bumper Boat Ride
Round of Miniature Golf
Laser Tag Game
Game of Bowling (includes shoe rental)
Individual Pricing:
Mini Golf
1 Round
Bumper Boats
1 Driver (minimum of 44")
1 Passenger (minimum of 36")
1 Driver (minimum of 58" for Road Track and Slick Track, 48" for Rookie Track)
1 Passenger (minimum of 40")
Rookie Track
1 Driver (must be 48" tall)
Batting Cages
24 Pitches
1/2 Hour (1 stall)
1 Hour (1 stall)
Laser Tag
1 Game (minimum of 40")
Roller Ball
1 Game
Weekdays (Monday - Thursday and Friday before 4pm) Per Player/ Per Game   $3.50
Prime Time (Friday 4 pm - close, Saturdays , Sundays & Holidays) Per Player/ Per Game) $4.00

Shoe Rental $3.00

Kiddie Cove
Unlimited Play (Under 48”)