Monday, March 9, 2015

punishment (or consequences) chart ... free printable


Punishments… the bane of any parent’s existence. When to punish, how much?? You don’t want to over punish but you don’t want to “under” punish either. Why can’t kids just all be perfect and save us parents this big hassle?

At our house we were having a couple of problems in the punishment area. First off Jeff and I are on opposite ends of the punishment spectrum. I’m an under punisher and he’s an over punisher. We were having a hard time agreeing what really fit what was going on, we were confounded and the kids were confused, all of which made for some very unproductive situations. Looking for an idea I came across the idea of a “punishment chart” (some call it a clip system). Where the kids start each day “good" and as they do bad things they progress down the chart to worse punishments (or consequences if you want to be all PC about it). I created one and printed little pic’s of the kids faces to move down the chart. (Jeff thought I should have used grumpy faced pics instead!)

It has worked out wonderfully. Jeff and I stay on the same page with punishments and the kids know what’s going to happen if they keep acting up. Now if they start acting up I can just say “You’re gonna move down the chart!” and it curbs things, especially if they have already moved down a little. An added benefit is they are proud if they don’t move down in a day, “Mommy I was “Good” all Day!”

For a Free printable of the chart click HERE


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