Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And the verdict is in....

Big A: Hey Momma, Addison is my little Sister.
Me: Yep
Big A: and I'm her Big Brother
Me: Yes you are
Big A: I Love her Sooooo much.


Fireplace Re-do!

When we moved into our house we had this great fireplace and love fires on cold winter nights but the fireplace doors were Brass colored and had a large Burn mark on them. NOT awesome at all! SO I have asked Jeff for like 8 years if we could just paint it black ( I have black accents around the room so I thought it'd look perfect!) Well FINALLY Jeff said Yes! So off to Lowes, I got "High Heat" Rustoliem spray paint in matte black (on sale for $4.99 with 25% more free! Score!) and here are the results! Looks much better don't you think?

Before...All taped up and ready to paint!

No going back now....

After the first coat of paint.....

and Voila!! Much more modern and No burn mark!! all for $4.99!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Big A this morning..."Momma, you are my Balentine! I love you my whole life!!"
Well that just made my Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Knock Off Valentines Hanger Tutorial!

I LOVED the new Valentines line in a certain "Barn" catalog but didn't like the prices at all, so I decided to give making them myself a try...the results for the hearts hanger are below. Not a dead on copy but pretty close with a total cost of $3.50 vs the $45 for the catalog version.
My finished Valentines hanging!

I didn't want to pay $8 at the craft store for a metal ring so I bought an old lamp shade from a thrift store $1!

I cut out the top ring and ended up with this (I'm saving the lower metal ring for another project)
Now gather your other supplies, Fishing line ($1.50 at wal-mart if you dont have any), glittery pipe cleaner ($2.00 at Jo-anns, I used a 50% off coupon so $1!), Cardstock hearts of various sizes (I used my cricut but you could totally do that by hand), Sissors, a ruler, and a pin.

Cut a 14" piece of fishing line and tie it to your metal ring.
Now poke a hole in your heart (I varied this, I did some in the center and some to the side)

Now thred yout heart on your fishing line and tie a knot in the line where you wanted it to hang. Repeat this till you have 4-5 hearts on your line.

Here is a finished line. Repeat this all the way around your ring. Mine took 12 lines to look nice and full, will vary depending on the size of your ring.
Now wrap the metal ring with the pipe cleaners. This make it look finished and will help hold your lines in place around the ring. Last, wrap a few (mine took 3) pipe cleaners in the center to use to hang your "hanger" and Voila!

I hope you have found this helpful.
Happy Valentines!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

...But I'm so Much more!!

So we went to dinner with a friend from work and his wife the other night. Had a nice time, tried a new place Wing Nutz. Food was okay, don’t think I’d race to go back though. So the wife and I had not met before and so she asks me “So what are you into?” Um… So I answer”I love movies and read a lot. I scrapbook and…” and the she cut me off, “Oh okay, you are a scrapbooker” and started talking about that . I didn’t really think about it before but later that night I was like wait a minute, we didn’t talk about anything else really so now to this woman I am just a “scrapbooker.” Not that I don’t enjoy scrapbooking but I am so much more! It feels weird to me that someone thinks of me as a “scrapbooker” because I don’t actually see myself as a stereotypical scrapbooking mom. I kinda hope we get together again with this couple so I can show that there is more to me. Maybe it’s weird that I even care?!?!?!