Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boo to the Zoo

Everyone I know has taken their kids to the zoo. I have heard nothing but raving reviews about the zoo since Big A was a Baby. It’s supposed to be AMAZING. For Big A’s Birthday my Mom and Dad decided it would be fun to take us on an excursion to the Zoo. They too had heard nothing but raves about it. A and A were So excited when we told them that was where we were headed.

 We went, we saw and ehhh. I will preface this with the fact that I have never loved the Zoo, even as a little kid I hated it. The heat, the smells… not my thing. But I was going with a total open mind, I hadn’t been in years and years and was excited to see A and A experience it.  Maybe it’s because it’s fall or something but there were not a LOT of animals really. Lots of big beautiful areas that were empty. The merry-go-round was fun but A and A do that all the time at the mall (and for ½ the price). The Train ride was literally like 2 minutes long and SO not worth the $10. Our Zoo is set at the base of a canyon and it’s a vast sprawling place…. Really a little too sprawling, Big A said “We’ve been walking for EVER!!!” He was totally pooped by the end. Speaking of… The kids FAVORITE thing at the Zoo???? The Elephants went to the bathroom…#1 and #2 right in front of us….

I’m sure one day we will look back fondly at our Zoo trip. It will be remembered as a fun adventure for Big A’s 6th birthday, but I don’t see us going back anytime soon….

The Elephants in "Action"

All tuckered out


Our "Witchy Woo" is a Dancing Queen

Our sweet little A got to play Witchy at a fun performance at Gardner Village. One of our local favorites is the fun and festive Gardner Village. In October the “Village” gets taken over by “Witches” and is filled with all kinds of fun and festive Halloween things. The biggest event is its “Witches Night Out,” that is a kind of fun shopping extravaganza that is crazy popular. This year Little A’s Ballet class was given the opportunity to do a little performance at Witches Night Out. I gotta tell you I can’t think of anything cuter than a group of adorable 3 year olds dancing away. Their costumes were SO cute and their song “Witchy Woo” by the Wiggles was adorable and perfectly bouncy for the little ones.  Little A was NOT at all intimidated or shy. She bounced right up on that stage and did a FANTASTIC job. She shimmied and tapped  and remembered all of her “moves,” it was amazing. She is a natural performer.

At Practice

At the Studio being a goofball!

Headed Back to the Studio after the performance

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

40 Years Deserves a BIG Celebration

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary over the weekend. In this time where divorce is so easy, so prevalent it is such an accomplishment that anyone can make it work for 40 years. Something this big deserved a big celebration. We planned a big, fun and festive party at their favorite restaurant. It was so fun planning, getting flowers and photos framed, a cupcake “wedding cake” and party favors. It was almost like planning a mini wedding.

  The party was amazing with lots of Mom and dad’s friends and family there to wish them a Happy Anniversary. My favorite part was when Mom and Dad gave a little impromptu speech about how they first got together. They told the story, back and forth, weaving their tale with a comfortable perfect banter that 40 years together creates.

I am so amazed by my parents. They are still so much in love and have such a warm, fun playful relationship. It seems like “the thing” to say that your spouse is your best friend but in the case of my Parents I truly believe it.
The Flowers were by Floral-Essence, The Cupcakes By Mrs Bakers Bakery and I made the Favors.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Big A hits The Big 6

It’s funny how you associate different connotations with different ages. Ages one to five I associate with a little kid. Once you hit 6 however I start to think of them as a bigger kid, far from a baby, definitely not a toddler, a big kid. My Big A has hit this milestone. I can’t believe it. I guess I am trying to remain in a self-induced state of being oblivious. I mean I see how very big he is getting (He grew close to 3” last year) he is by FAR the tallest kid in his class. I help him with his homework every day and I see how much he is learning, how quickly his base of knowledge is growing. I visit with him, we have actual conversations about how he feels about things and his opinions, no longer silly childish gibberish but thoughtful, intelligent opinions. So yea, I get it, I KNOW he is growing up. He is not a baby, not even a little kid, He’s my Big Kid.
Here's some shots from his "6" photo-shoot he had at our local studio, Fotofly. Seriously they take the MOST amazing pictures and are very affordable. You should check them out HERE.