Tuesday, October 14, 2014

40 Years Deserves a BIG Celebration

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary over the weekend. In this time where divorce is so easy, so prevalent it is such an accomplishment that anyone can make it work for 40 years. Something this big deserved a big celebration. We planned a big, fun and festive party at their favorite restaurant. It was so fun planning, getting flowers and photos framed, a cupcake “wedding cake” and party favors. It was almost like planning a mini wedding.

  The party was amazing with lots of Mom and dad’s friends and family there to wish them a Happy Anniversary. My favorite part was when Mom and Dad gave a little impromptu speech about how they first got together. They told the story, back and forth, weaving their tale with a comfortable perfect banter that 40 years together creates.

I am so amazed by my parents. They are still so much in love and have such a warm, fun playful relationship. It seems like “the thing” to say that your spouse is your best friend but in the case of my Parents I truly believe it.
The Flowers were by Floral-Essence, The Cupcakes By Mrs Bakers Bakery and I made the Favors.


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