Friday, October 10, 2014

Big A hits The Big 6

It’s funny how you associate different connotations with different ages. Ages one to five I associate with a little kid. Once you hit 6 however I start to think of them as a bigger kid, far from a baby, definitely not a toddler, a big kid. My Big A has hit this milestone. I can’t believe it. I guess I am trying to remain in a self-induced state of being oblivious. I mean I see how very big he is getting (He grew close to 3” last year) he is by FAR the tallest kid in his class. I help him with his homework every day and I see how much he is learning, how quickly his base of knowledge is growing. I visit with him, we have actual conversations about how he feels about things and his opinions, no longer silly childish gibberish but thoughtful, intelligent opinions. So yea, I get it, I KNOW he is growing up. He is not a baby, not even a little kid, He’s my Big Kid.
Here's some shots from his "6" photo-shoot he had at our local studio, Fotofly. Seriously they take the MOST amazing pictures and are very affordable. You should check them out HERE.

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