Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boo to the Zoo

Everyone I know has taken their kids to the zoo. I have heard nothing but raving reviews about the zoo since Big A was a Baby. It’s supposed to be AMAZING. For Big A’s Birthday my Mom and Dad decided it would be fun to take us on an excursion to the Zoo. They too had heard nothing but raves about it. A and A were So excited when we told them that was where we were headed.

 We went, we saw and ehhh. I will preface this with the fact that I have never loved the Zoo, even as a little kid I hated it. The heat, the smells… not my thing. But I was going with a total open mind, I hadn’t been in years and years and was excited to see A and A experience it.  Maybe it’s because it’s fall or something but there were not a LOT of animals really. Lots of big beautiful areas that were empty. The merry-go-round was fun but A and A do that all the time at the mall (and for ½ the price). The Train ride was literally like 2 minutes long and SO not worth the $10. Our Zoo is set at the base of a canyon and it’s a vast sprawling place…. Really a little too sprawling, Big A said “We’ve been walking for EVER!!!” He was totally pooped by the end. Speaking of… The kids FAVORITE thing at the Zoo???? The Elephants went to the bathroom…#1 and #2 right in front of us….

I’m sure one day we will look back fondly at our Zoo trip. It will be remembered as a fun adventure for Big A’s 6th birthday, but I don’t see us going back anytime soon….

The Elephants in "Action"

All tuckered out


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