Monday, July 14, 2014

Winter in July...A "Frozen" Birthday

I have to say that I never thought that I would be creating snowflakes in July but when your little girl says that all she wants is a “Frozen” birthday you do what you gotta do. Little a has been telling everyone that she is having a “Frozen” birthday for weeks.
As crazy as it seems since Frozen came out last Thanksgiving it is still hard to find “Frozen” items. I have been on a total hunt, scouring Ebay, Etsy, amazon, stalking our local target for anything Frozen. I was able to find Frozen party ware… in Las Vegas, only had to travel 400 miles for that (so happy I looked while on Vacation) …lol. Other than that I created all the party items and did the cake. Little a was So happy with the results!
Birthday Poster showing Little A throughout the last year


She's not spoiled at all... (Said totally sarcastically)

Little A's birthday Dinner

Little A Opening her Prezzy's

Making a Wish...


Little A is the Big 3!!

I still occasionally refer to little a as my baby. I guess the time has come to officially stop doing that. Our little sweetheart is now 3 (however when you ask her she says she is now 5, she wants to be the same as her brother). She is such a small fry but she is so smart and so feisty.  I always think of the Shakespeare quote with her “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”  

She talks so intelligently about things and asks questions (never ending, 100’s a day questions) about everything. She wants to know about everything, why it is, what happens next. Her brother asks some questions but takes lots of things at face value. Not little a, she wants the “who, what, when, where, why, how” of everything.

She is completely brave and fearless. She will climb the highest tree, speed down the street on her bike, dive headfirst in the pool, nothing stands in her way. We never have to coax her into trying things, it’s quite the opposite, we have to try and keep her safe from going too fast, too high.

This has been such an amazing year watching our little girl grow into being a “big girl”. Can’t wait to see what amazing adventures this year will bring…
Here are some pic's from her 3 year old photo shoot at FotoFly, AMAZING pictures as aways!!!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Fantasy Con 2014...Fantastic!!!

We had a chance to check out Fantasy Con this weekend and I have to say WOW! It really is amazing. Hosted at the Salt Palace right from the moment you hit the outer lobby area, I mean before you even reach the ticket sales area you are greeted by a 3 story tall Rock monster and a beautiful dragon and knight fountain. That is even before you enter.
We got there when it opened and the lines were already long. The people attending were SO fun to watch. I think Jeff and I were amongst about 10% that were not dressed up. People were coming dressed to the nines. We encountered everything from elves, dothraki, star wars characters, harry potters, Disney characters, videogame characters…really every type of character you can imagine. Some were “pro” cosplay people but most were just attendees that were into the spirit of the weekend.
Once inside the area was broken up into several different “realms” all centered around a great “battle arena” where people in full battle regalia (like knights) were continually doing “battle”.  There was an amazing hall of art featuring huge pieces by famous fantasy artists. There were several stages that provided a constant stream of entertainment featuring everything from arerial acrobatics to magicians. There was also a whole isle of celebrities that were there for pictures and autographs (for a price). Tons of people from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit shows were there, even Johnathan Rys-Davis, Sean Aston and Billy Boyed. I was surprised at how tall they all were, I mean none of them were topping 6 feet but they were way taller than I pictured the dwarves and hobbits being (lame of me!). There were also so many larger than life sets that you could get pictures at and many, many booths offering everything fantasy themed that you could possibly imagine.
I could go on and on describing things but I'll let some pictures from the event speak for me.