Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our "Witchy Woo" is a Dancing Queen

Our sweet little A got to play Witchy at a fun performance at Gardner Village. One of our local favorites is the fun and festive Gardner Village. In October the “Village” gets taken over by “Witches” and is filled with all kinds of fun and festive Halloween things. The biggest event is its “Witches Night Out,” that is a kind of fun shopping extravaganza that is crazy popular. This year Little A’s Ballet class was given the opportunity to do a little performance at Witches Night Out. I gotta tell you I can’t think of anything cuter than a group of adorable 3 year olds dancing away. Their costumes were SO cute and their song “Witchy Woo” by the Wiggles was adorable and perfectly bouncy for the little ones.  Little A was NOT at all intimidated or shy. She bounced right up on that stage and did a FANTASTIC job. She shimmied and tapped  and remembered all of her “moves,” it was amazing. She is a natural performer.

At Practice

At the Studio being a goofball!

Headed Back to the Studio after the performance

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