Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Little Ballerina

Our little A is such a character. At three she is so sharp and on the ball. She is ready for action and always wanting to do, go, see. We decided to put her in a Ballet class and see how she would do. We weren’t sure at three how it would go but it has been WONDERFUL! The teacher is perfect! She has stretches and warm ups that are like games, just right for a 3 year old. Our favorite is “Hello toes (flex feet), good bye toes (point feet).  She is so patient and kind with the girls. Little A loves it and asks almost every day if it is “Dance Class Day.”
 It’s also nice for her to have something that is hers. We were explaining to Big A about how he doesn’t have school on the weekends just like Mommy and daddy don’t have work and little A piped in, “Ummm, what about dance class? Do I have dance class on weekends?” So cute that she has “her thing” now too!  


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