Monday, September 8, 2014

More Comic More Con – Salt Lake Comic Con was HUGE!

Me and Cary Elwes.... As You Wish
Salt Lake’s second comic con has drawn to a close. It truly was Huge and it truly was amazing. It’s easy to say things about an event like that. It’s easy to throw around these big meaningless adjectives. In this case however these big adjectives are actual verifiable facts.
The 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con took over all 700,000 plus square feet of the Salt Palace Convention Center. So to say it was large, big, huge in size is a fact. Attendance was at capacity. Saturday alone over 100,000 people attended, filling the Salt Palace to capacity. Droves of people were actually turned away because the building was at capacity and tickets were sold out. SO  large, big, huge in attendance is a fact.

The godfather of Comics Stan Lee proclaimed that “Salt Lake Comic Con is the BEST Comic Con in the world”!!
I have to say I agree. We had a fantastic time. We went to a few more panels, all amazing, funny, candid. We ponied up a little moolah and got a few photos with celebrities. We hung out in Artists Alley and thoroughly enjoyed all the comic and cartoon themed pieces. Jeff visited with several artists about their process; it was fun seeing art from such a different angle.

The Salt Lake Comic Con was an amazing experience. Check out some more photos from the Comic Con.

Jeff and I with Russ Adams from Jim Hensen's Creature  Shop

Jeff and Erin Grey.... Buck Rogers Geek he is

Sam Witwer

Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad

Waiting in one of Many, Many Lines!!!

Jeff and Han.....

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