Friday, September 5, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con Baby!!!

The second annual Salt Lake Comic-Con is well underway. Bigger and better than last year the “com” has something for everyone. Even my Mom, the least Sci-Fi, comic woman I think EVER (She has never seen any Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Marvel anything if that tells you anything) was jealous that I was going because she would have loved to see Barbra Eden.
This year the Comic Con has twice the floor space, more celebrities, more venders, more art, more, more, more of everything. This is an easy thing to read and gloss over but to actually see it is pretty amazing. Over the sea of costumes (Cosplay and amateur alike) there is literally Sci-Fi, Comic, Action, horror everything as far as the eye can see.  It is pretty overwhelming.

The “Celebrity Row” offers up stars the likes of Danny Glover, Stan Lee, Barbara Eden, Ron Pearlman, Cary Elwes and many, many more all lined up to meet you, have pictures with you, and give you their autographs (for a fee of course).
Included with your entry is the opportunity to see one of the many “panels” they offer. We saw the “Ron Pearlman” panel. It was AMAZING. He was funny, witty, kinds, crass, charismatic, everything you hope a celebrity to be. I really liked him in Hellboy and Pacific Rim and thought he was awesome in Sons of Anarchy. Now though, I like him so much more. That’s what some of the panels are like, your favorite celebrities just shooting the bull, answering your questions. Other panels have “experts” delving into and discussing everything from Legos to Stephen King novels. IT’s completely cliché but there really is something for everyone.

Here is my first installment of photos from Salt Lake Comic-Con. Don’t just live vicariously, come down to the Salt Palace an check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed… The “Con” is still going on Friday and Saturday with tickets available HERE. (Buy your tickets in Advance it will save you LOADS of time standing in line!)

Storm Troopers from the 501

Lou Ferrigno at a Panel

"Cosplay" Princesses ... better than Disneylands!!!

HUGE "Lego world"

Ron Pearlman at his Panel discussion

More Mr. Pearlman (or as he said " The Pearl")

HUGE White Oarc

"Life Size" animates Smaug

Me and Barbara Eden... I don't have to dream of Genie!

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