Monday, February 6, 2012

...But I'm so Much more!!

So we went to dinner with a friend from work and his wife the other night. Had a nice time, tried a new place Wing Nutz. Food was okay, don’t think I’d race to go back though. So the wife and I had not met before and so she asks me “So what are you into?” Um… So I answer”I love movies and read a lot. I scrapbook and…” and the she cut me off, “Oh okay, you are a scrapbooker” and started talking about that . I didn’t really think about it before but later that night I was like wait a minute, we didn’t talk about anything else really so now to this woman I am just a “scrapbooker.” Not that I don’t enjoy scrapbooking but I am so much more! It feels weird to me that someone thinks of me as a “scrapbooker” because I don’t actually see myself as a stereotypical scrapbooking mom. I kinda hope we get together again with this couple so I can show that there is more to me. Maybe it’s weird that I even care?!?!?!

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