Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun with Firemen

Last weekend we took the kiddo’s to McDonalds for breakfast. Dining at the big table in the front was a group of West Jordan Firemen. The kids were in awe, tugging on my pants “Mommy, mommy those are REAL firemen!” A wanted to talk to them but was a little too shy to go over. He geared up his courage as we ate and A, a, and Jeff want over to say hi. The firemen were so nice to the kids, they even gave them “Jr West Jordan Firemen” badges. The kids were so excited.

Coincidently the firemen were finished and getting up to leave at the same time we were. They gave the kids knuckles and asked “Hey guys, do you want to come and see our truck?” Boy did they ever! Any shyness had faded away and the kids were now bouncing down the parking lot holding hands with their new buddies headed toward their big white truck (found out that their red fire truck was in the shop and their loaner was white!) The kids climbed right in the back, inspecting it all. The super nice firemen asked if they wanted to “drive” the truck. Holy Cow, excitement! The kids took turns sitting in the driver’s seat “driving” the big rig having a blast! When it was time to leave A and a wanted their picture with their new buddies. I have to say the West Jordan firemen could not have been nicer. They were so gracious and kind to my kiddos it was amazing. I guess the stereotype of the “hero” firemen is true!


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