Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Eye of a Stranger... recognizing kindness

Big A with his gift
It seems like you hear about “Stranger Danger” all the time. It was preached when I was a kid and it’s still a big thing today for my kids. There are many dangers out there and we have to be careful, play it safe. Watching the nightly news will likely make you want to lock your children away Rapunzel style till their 18… maybe even longer. While we all have to watch out for these dangers sometimes a stranger can make your day. This is because a stranger is not obligated to love you, like your family, has no connection to you like a friend. They are a total and complete enigma that can sometimes see something you overlook every day.
Case in point…….

 Me and A and a were shopping at the Disney store the other day. Big A had been a good boy, behaving, but little a had been a bit of a handful that day so a lot of my attention was focused on trying to wrangle her in. We looked through the store at all the new toys and Big A showed me a cute costume he liked. He was just browsing around being good so I wasn’t really focused on him.
We were about to leave the store when a  trio of ladies walked over to us and one stepped up and said “Excuse me sir,” to A. She then smiled at me and continued. “We have been looking though the store and noticed what a nice boy you are. You’ve said excuse me and thank you, helped your sister and been very sweet and mannerly this whole time. I used to be a 2nd grade teacher and so I know how rare it is for a little boy to be so nice and polite. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate mannerly little boys and so I bought you a gift to say thank you for being so good.” And she handed A a bag. “I saw you have a sister so I got her a little something too so she wouldn’t be left out, (she handed little a a bag too) but I want you to know this is because you are such a kind and mannerly boy and I want you to know that people notice.” We all thanked her and she left saying to me “You have a special boy there.” She had gotten Big A a Star Wars ship and little a a stuffed toy.
It is kind of sad. I had been so distracted that I had not really paid much attention to my Big A. He really is such a good boy all the time I think sometimes I take it for granted. It completely amazed me that my sweet little guy had made such an impression on this kind stranger that she would do something like that for him. A stranger made me remember how amazing and special my Big A is, made me realize that I shouldn’t take it for granted. Sometimes a stranger can offer much more than danger….

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