Friday, March 6, 2015

Big A Gets Glasses

Our Big A was turning into a squinter…. I remember those squinting times…. Right before I got my first pair of glasses. We were able to get him an appointment with one of the few pediatric optometrists in Utah. As we waited for our far off appointment to come Big A was squinting more and more and asking his teacher to sit closer to the board. We were sure glasses were inevitable.

The day of the appointment finally came and we all headed up to Primary Children’s to visit Dr. Dries. I wont lie I was really nervous. Jeffs family has a bunch of eye problems and I was worried. Big A was not worried and seemed to actually have fun at the check-up, pointing out 3D flies and wearing the crazy machine.

The diagnosis was what we expected, Big A needed glasses. He has an astigmatism (just like his Mommy). Nothing big, nothing scary, just an easily correctable blurriness (whew!). We headed over to the glasses store and let Big A pick out his first pair of glasses…..


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