Monday, June 23, 2014

The Graduate

Big A has passed his first milestone. He is now a Pre-School Graduate. He went to Challenger and has loved school. He made lots of “Buddies” and learned so much. The last day was a “Circus” theme and the kids were invited to come in costume. Big A insisted on being a Ninja Turtle.
After his last day of school we took the kiddo’s over to Murray Park and I had a little photo shoot for our graduate. Our Niece V graduated this year and had these adorable pictures from her pre-school graduation in cap and gown. It was so fun seeing her then and now. Big A wore Daddy’s cap and gown from when he graduated the U. In 2027 I’ll have these cute shots of A and it will be fun to see his transformation from our little guy to a young man.

After the shoot we took A and a to Toys R Us for their big surprise…we got them bikes! They were SO excited and couldn’t wait to get out on them. We were talking about if we thought they would fit in our car and Big A said “We don’t need them to fit in the car.” I asked why not. He said “ Because we will just ride them home!” I laughed and told him it was too far (We are about 5 miles from Toys R Us, a bit far for training wheels). Big A said “It’s okay Momma, I’ll be careful, I’ll just ride behind the car.”   Our little ones are growing up so fast.


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