Monday, June 11, 2018

Take me out to the Ball Game....

Our 2018 Regular Baseball season has wrapped up. I am sure that I say this every year but this year we had an exceptionally wonderful team with amazing supportive families. We were so lucky that our little was such a slugger she felt ready to move up and play with the big boys so she and Big A could play on the same team (The only time that would ever be a possibility). She rose to the occasion and showed those boys how to tough it out (she got hit by a pitch 7 times!!! I think the small strike zone freaked out the pitchers. Big A shone and built even more on the skills he gained last season. He was pitching  awesome and still "Automatic A" on 1st base. He didn't make it over the fence but he SLAMMED the ball into the fence SO many times! Big A will continue on this year on the All-Stars team and little a is looking to try out softball this fall. I'm just so thankful that they had this opportunity to play together like this. I'm so very sad it went by so quickly!

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