Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Birthday "Little a"

     A few months ago a friend of mine thru this thoroughly overly elaborate first birthday party for her little girl. She made all kinds of decorations (lots of etsy inspiration), everything went with the theme. It was amazing but I thought over the top for a family party and a baby that would never forward a couple of months and I innocently go to the party store to pick up plates and napkins for Little a's Birthday. I find these adorable lady bug "First Birthday" plates and napkins, perfect, not pink, not princess, SO cute and Little a's bathing suit happens to be lady bug, perfect, perfect!  

    Next thing you know I am trolling pinterest for "lady bug" party ideas and making tissue paper poms at midnight. Oh yes there was customized water bottle and chocolate labels, birthday posters and yes the tissue poms (which by the way, pretty easy to make!). I did however create everything but the plates and napkins myself. I ended up with a crazy, overly elaborate first birthday party for my little girl and you know what? I am so glad I did it. Will she ever remember, no. But there will be pictures in her scrapbook.
         Happy birthday my little lady bug.
Little a: The First 12 Months

The Cake: after a failed attempt at fondant....


The poms

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