Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FOUR!!! ...and we are not talking golf

I am not sure how this has happened. Alexander just turned 4. I specifically told him not to grow up so fast, yet here he is four already. Maybe if I give him a time out he'll stay 4.

He had a great birthday. We started the day out and about at his favorite haunts (McDonalds and Toys R Us). Then we had a little party, his favorite food (Mac & Cheese and Pizza!) with loads of Scooby decorations. A great day for a wonderful boy.

4 years old and CrAzY!!


  1. seriously!?!? how cute is that kid?? i love those last pics of him especially! i feel so bad that i missed his bday. 10...9...8! how could i space it? glad you guys had a lot of fun. and also, that pic of addison at the top of your blog is to die for. i have to see her soon!

  2. He is so adorable! Love the scooby stuff!