Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Acidental Hair Cut

Our little guy, the big A has had the same haircut since he started getting hair. I am his barber and have loved keeping his locks stylish.

Yesterday Big A was in need of a haircut. He was getting a little shaggy in the front, his bangs hanging in his eyes.

I started in the back like always, shaping the bottom with clippers and blending the top. It was going really good. I was about to start on his side burn area. Just as I was starting to clip the side Little A called out and Big A...turned...his...head, in mid clip!

ZZZZzzzzz right thru this bangs!!! Aghhh! The center was GONE! So no matter if I was ready or not Big A was going to get a shorter do!I redid the back and blended the new cropped top.

 I was worried he wouldn't like it but he thinks it's cool!

 I like it but he looks so much older.



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