Monday, December 30, 2013

2013... That's a Wrap!

10 big things in 2013


1. Disneyland Vacation!(First time for Big A, First for me since I was 11!... (THANK YOU Mom and Dad!!))

2. Big A played Tee-Ball and Soccer, Our star athlete! (Jeff Coached)

3. Little A graduated to a “big girl” bed (No crib anymore!) and decided to potty train herself (We are diaper free!!)

4. Jeff started painting again and is showing at the Slusser Gallery now.

5. I learned to Swim! (Big A did too!)

6. Big A Knocked out his first baby tooth

7. Minor remodel of the Kitchen (painted cabinets and new hardware) awesome results and got a New Roof (Ours blew off in a storm!)

8. My Sis Jackie married her soul mate Lewis and we were all in the wedding

9. Jeff’s Brother and wife had a beautiful baby boy

10. Expanded my horizons, I took Jewelry Making and Anti-Gravity Yoga classes, was on "Good Things Utah."


Big Girl Bed!

New Cousin


The Wedding

Anti-Gravity Yoga

Lost Tooth

Gallery Show
On "Good Things Utah"

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