Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2 Little Pilgrims


When A and a were teeny tiny (little a was less than a year) I made these cute and easy pilgrim costumes and had a home "photo shoot." The resulting pictures are some of my very favorites. I've blown them up and they are currently the centerpiece of  my Thanksgiving mantle decorations.

Now that little a is 3 she fits into the cuffs and collar that I made for Big A back then so I decided to do an updated shoot. I created a bigger set of Pilgrim accessories for Big A and got the two of them all dressed up and ready to party like its "1621".

They thought it was fun dressing up and I gotta say they look really, really cute! Here's some shots from the new "photo shoot."

I'll share the Pilgrim pattern tomorrow. It's crazy easy and the results are so cute!


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