Monday, December 15, 2014

Easy DIY Photo Ornaments

One of my favorite things we do for the holidays is have a mini photo session of the kids with Santa at one of our local photography studios (FotoFly … AMAZING!) The pictures are priceless and I have probably gone overboard using them in my Christmas décor. One thing that I have loved doing is making ornaments out of them to hang on the tree. At first I had them made at some of the photo sites but the deals kept getting lesser and lesser and the prices kept rising and rising. So I figured, hey I should totally be able to do this myself! So off to Joanns I went and about $2 later I had created several photo ornaments that looked awesome and totally got the job done!
Photo Ornaments


Bare Wooden Shapes or “frames” ($.29 - $1.29 at Joanns or Michaels)
Paint (I prefer spray paint)
Mod Podge (or other adhesive)
Drill w/ small bit
optional: Glitter
Get your supplies together

Paint your bare wood (I think spray paint is the easiest!)

Cut your photo out to either cover the shape or to fit in the open "frame" area.
Drill a small hole in the wood to put ribbon or thread through

**If you are wanting to "glitter your frame or shape apply Mod Podge to your wood ornament and then cover with glitter, let dry. Knock off excess glitter and spray with clear spray paint to set the glitter
**adhere the photo to the wood shape or into the open "frame" area 
**Thread ribbon or Thread through the hole to create a "hanger" for your ornament.


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