Monday, March 26, 2012

My Version of Parmesan "Sizzler" Toast

When I make Italian I like to have a bread side (Yes I like carbs with my carbs). I've tried the frozen garlic bread (soggy!), Grocery store Garlic Bread (either too garlicky or not garlicky enough) and home made garlic bread (never seem to have fresh bread around). My answer is Parmesan toast (like you get at sizzlers). Oh it is so easy, so good and works as good with stale bread as it does with fresh! Perfect!
Slice up what bread you have (I used a large baguette this time, it even works with good old wonder bread. Really whatever you have on had should be fine)

Spread with Butter or Margarine (I use country crock since it spreads so nicely)

Sprinkle with grated Parmesan (really cover the whole side)
(You can add garlic salt at this time for extra kick, we like it better just parm)

Slices all ready to go
Turn burner on medium

Place toasts cheese side down on skillet

Grill till browned and crispy (carefully lift to check)

Serve warm

It's also nice to have a sweet helper!

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