Friday, April 13, 2012

She's Moving....

The girl is Mobile!!! Little A is all about moving and grooving now. Crawling, Rolling, Standing, Pulling herself up, she is a PRO! I think she will be walking really soon. How fast the "baby" time flies!
Sitting...Old Hat!


She now can follow Big A all around!

Walking Instruction!

A little help?? Big A is ready for Little A to walk!


  1. it's so fun when they are mobile! Stopping by from UBP!

  2. Hi.... I come for the party ^___^ I found your site from UBP 2012. Hope you come to my party post too, While you are there, feel free to enter our current giveaway (few of them in cash). Thank you.

    Juliana RW

    ps: can't find your ubp post??? how old is your daughter? i think almost like my youngest son, he is 9.5 months