Monday, August 5, 2013

At the Lake House

   For years I have read the summer “beach reads.” They invariably end up having a week get-a-way at a beach rental in the Hamptons or Nantucket or somewhere like that. I have always thought how amazing it would be to have a family tradition at a beach house. The chances of this happening were pretty slim since we live in Utah, land locked in the middle of the west.

   In a wonderful turns of events Jeff’s parents good friends have a house right on Bear Lake. It is an amazing house and the backyard walks right out onto the beach. They have been so very nice to let us use the lake house for a long weekend the last couple of years.  It is the summer adventure of novels. We had an amazing time in the water and hanging out on the beach. There is also a cute little lake town “Garden City” that has the most amazing shake shack.
   This year was amazing and the kids had a blast. They have asked several times when we are going back to the lake house (or Lake Housshth as little a says).


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