Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday

Ten years ago this month Jeff and I decided to stop in the Humane Society of Utah and ended up bringing home our first son, Our perfect little Sundance (Also dubbed Mr. Meowgi). He was so small and so sweet right from the start. He has never scratched, never bitten, never hissed (I even tried to get him to once, showed him the cat scene from “Alien,” he just looked at me like “really?!?!”) He is the perfect buddy. He has kept me company though many, many late nights, watching me craft or work, or when I haven't felt good, like when I was pregnant, he will curl up next to me, giving me love and support. He is always there for me.
He has put up with lots of life changes. We got hardwood floors, the poor little guy skidded around the house for months. He got two noisy, “loving” siblings that have pulled fur and yanked his tail, chased him around, and generally annoyed him. He has never, ever retaliated in anyway other than giving annoyed looks, even when they have been way too rough with the poor guy.

I think his favorite time of day is nighttime, right before we go to sleep. The kids are snuggled into their beds and Sundance sits patiently at the floor beside our bed until Jeff and I are all settled in. Then he “brrrrrumps” and jumps up, snuggles into the crook of my arm. He purrrrrrs and purrrrrs until he falls asleep.

Happy Birthday my sweet furry first Son

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