Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Day of Pre-School

 How is this possible??? Big A started Pre-School yesterday! He was so excited! We got up early and got him all dressed in his new uniform and headed out the door with plenty of time to spare (Daddy took the day off to take the little guy on his first day too!). We got to school plenty early and got to take him to his class to meet his new teachers and get started on the day before the other kids arrived.  The Teachers were super nice and put him right at ease. He was a little nervous showing them how he writes his name but he did a great job. When the other kids started to file in we gave him a quick hug and kiss good-bye and he happily waved us away, all ready for his new adventure. I think me, Daddy, and Addison were the more upset ones. We went to Kneaders for breakfast and lamented on missing the little guy. Even Addison chirped in with "I really miss Brudder!!" However it was so fun when we picked him up, hearing him relate his day to us, talking about all the things he did and people he met. Our little guy is growing up ... whether Mom and Dad are ready for it or not.

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