Friday, May 8, 2015

Disneyland 2015

Disneyland 2015!!! My Mom and Dad did it again! They gave us the most magical experience. I know it's completely cliche but Disneyland (for us) really is one of the most magical places on earth. It's not just the rides and characters and Disney awesomeness; It's the amazing family experience that we got to share.

We started the trip off with a limo ride to the airport and had a perfect flight via Jet blue (Dad said he only ever wants to fly Jet Blue).  We stayed at the Grand Californian and Mom and Dad had the "Magic Makers"  "help"  mickey leave a huge welcome package for the kids full of awesome treats and gifts.

We spent whirlwind days in the parks, full of rides and the kids meeting their favorite "Stars". I think little a's biggest moment was meeting "Elsa". She looked so very nervous! Big A's favorite was the roller coaster, California Screaming. He is such the little daredevil (don't know where he gets that from...ahem). They both got picked to be part of the Jedi Training and got to "fight" Darth Vader. We did Character Dining (amazing!) and played in the hotel's beautiful pools. The entire trip was perfect. It's cheesy and cliche and all of that but it was pure family Magic.

 I hope the kids will never forget it (little a is only 3), I hope Mom and Dad had an awesome time (rides are NOT their favorite), I know that I will never ever forget it.


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