Saturday, June 27, 2015

Utah Arts Fest 2015

Jeff and I have been going to the Utah Arts Festival since we first started dating. We have loved seeing all the amazing art and entertainment. Jeff has fun caching up with artist friends that are showing at the fest. Over the years our festival going experience has evolved... or maybe it's devolved, depending on how you look at it. Gone were the days of leisurely strolls through the artists booths, now we spend 90 percent of our time crafting in the kids ART yard. Not that this change was bad, we just missed the art part of the Arts Fest.

This year we came up with a great solution. We did the fest twice.

Thursday, my Mom and Dad graciously had A and a over for a fun sleepover freeing Jeff and I up for an evening of grown-up fest going. We strolled hand in hand around enjoying the artists booths, listening to the funky fun sounds of the "Saliva Sisters" and Jeff got to visit with some old artist friends. It was a fantastic night and we closed the Festival down.

 Saturday we loaded up the kids and headed down town for some family art fun. We Spent 99% of the time at the ART Yard. The YARD had an Egyptian theme this year. The kids painted huge paper mache Mummy's and Sphinx. They created tons of fun free make and take crafts and had a blast at the instrument "petting zoo" hosted by Summerhayes Music. We had some delicious ice cream treats to cool us down provided by "SO Delicious." The kids had a FANTASTIC time at the festival and weren't dragged through the vendor booths.

Doing the Festival twice this year was a great idea. We all got to enjoy our favorite parts of the festival in a fun relaxed way.



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