Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Grader!

The summer seemed to just fly by for us. It seriously feels like Big A's Kindergarten Graduation party was last week. Now First grade is here; Full day at school; Lunch at school; Really getting down to learning, not the fun of Kindergarten.

I am the first to admit I was a complete basket case about Big A starting Kindergarten. I couldn't imagine my little buddy leaving every day. It all turned out fantastic. We all got into a groove. A loved school and made tons of friends. The class really bonded and the parents all seemed to mesh into a great group. His teacher was AMAZING and it was so fun hearing all about his day and seeing all the new things he was learning.

 I thought I'd be good with first grade but I have struggled with the idea of him being gone ALL DAY. I will literally get a few hours with him after school before it's bedtime. I know that we will get into a groove with this too. I know that he will love 1st grade; new friends, more recess, lunch! His new teacher seems really good and I'm excited to see him flourish this year. I know all this will happen but I still stand with a heavy heart as I watch him enter the doors to first grade.


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