Wednesday, February 17, 2016

(belated) Valentines Date

Jeff and I are so lucky to have such amazing helpful parents that we are afforded the luxury of the kids having a “sleep-over” at Grandma’s so that we can have a grown-up Valentines night. A few days late but I actually prefer that so the crowds aren’t crazy (I can’t stand to sit waiting for HOURS for a table at a restaurant!)
  We decided to go ultra-traditional date-night… dinner and a movie.
We started off the evening at a hip new eatery called “The Porch.” I had seen it featured in Salt Lake Magazine and thought it looked really interesting so then when I saw a deal on a gift certificate on one of those flash deals site I jumped on it. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was very cosmopolitan and “grown-up” (they do not have a kids menu!). We tried the Brick Chicken and Meatloaf and neither dish disappointed our foodie hopes! Maybe we just watch too much “Top Chef” but we really appreciate awesome, inventive food with new and intriguing flavors. I didn’t even special order anything (this speaks volumes to those who know me, I’m definitely a “sally” when it comes to ordering!) 

Brick Chicken
Banana Pudding

We left our meal full and happy after spending a long dinner service joking and talking without having to “parent”. We headed over to the Megaplex  and caught an Imax showing of “Deadpool.” When I first told Jeff that was what I wanted to see for Valentines he laughed and said “ That’s not very romantic!” I told him he should feel very lucky that I wasn’t dragging him to a Nicholas Sparks weeper like most women. The show was perfect! Ryan Reynolds totally nailed Deadpool and low and behold there was a ”romantic” element to the show! LOVED it!
All and all a PERFECT Valentines Date with my sweetheart (our 17th Valentines together!!!)

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