Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Long (Fun) Weekend

The long weekend of Valentine’s Day and Presidents day seemed to sneak up on me this year. I was so focused on getting things ready for Big A’s School that I didn’t make any real fun plans for us as a family. However as luck would have it we ended up having a wonderful holiday thanks to fast dialing fingers!

First off I had signed up the Kids for a Valentines themed Lowes “Build and Grow” making picture frames. As we were getting ready Big A promptly told me he is “a big boy now!” and “Too old for making things!” Begrudgingly we got him out the door and of course he had a great time and was super proud of what he’d built, (he was not the littlest kid there by a long shot!) I have the hardest time getting that boy out to do stuff lately. When we actually get to the activity he usually has a blast, it’s just getting him out.

Then for Valentines I had spotted a deal on easy “chocolate fondue” by Bakers chocolate. So I picked up some marshmallows and strawberries and put out a “romantic” dessert spread. It took me all of 2 minutes to get together and A and a LOVED it! Halfway through though little a went to the kitchen and came back with a spoon. I said  “No, sweetie you need to use the fork so you don’t drop the strawberries.” She replied “Oh mommy, I’m gonna just eat the chocolate with it!” Ha Ha

The big excitement came Friday night as I was doing dishes and listening to the radio (107.9 The End) (while everyone else was downstairs playing video games … sigh… a mothers life!) they had a “be the 10th caller…. Contest so I grabbed the phone and I Won! It was for a family 4 pack of tickets to the Local Hockey team The Grizzlies! The tickets were for an early game on Monday, perfect for our little ones. The seats were fantastic, the game was exciting and kids were on the Jumbo Tron… what more could you ask for? A perfect cap to our long weekend!
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