Saturday, March 19, 2016

Big fun with Little A

Our little a is a summer baby. She is a summer girl through and through, she loves to swim and bike and would way rather be running around outside then cooped up at a video game. Being a summer birthday it gives us the choice of when to start her in school, she can either be the youngest in her class (just barely 5 when she starts Kindergarten) or the oldest (already 6 when she starts).

 It has been a real conundrum for us on when to have her start. We have had so much advice on the subject and all of it conflicting. Some people warn that she will have real problems being the baby in the class, everyone will be dating, driving, etc before she can. Other people say it is wonderful to start her early, giving her a leg up on her education. For us one of the factors is Big A. If she starts early they will have one year together in both Jr. High and High school, if she starts late they won’t have any time in the same school once they are out of elementary (until maybe college …. Go UTES!) 

After lots of soul searching we decided to start little a early. She is so smart and has such a good base already (she knows her ABCS, starting to read and write words, basic addition and subtraction). From going through kindergarten with big A she is really more than ready to start. Socially she is doing great. She has lots of friends and gets along well with kids. She quickly makes new ”friends” at any playground we visit. She is ready. 

Her momma on the other hand is not. I am so sad that I am “losing” my buddy a year before I thought I would. I know lots of Mommas are very excited for school to start, to get their “me” time back. I get where they are coming from but that is not me. I love my time with my little ones and I hate sending them off to school. Now with big A in first grade I feel like I barely get to see him. Between school, homework and sports our time has been whittled down to nothing. I am so sad that little a will be headed out this fall. I am selfish in this. Since she is headed to kindergarten a year earlier I am not sending her out to pre-school this year. I am doing home school pre-school with her. This way she is still getting a start on her school but I get to spend more time with her.
While we are working on her school we are also having lots of fun.

 I cherish every breakfast I get “just us girls”. Every fun outing we have. Little a is such an amazing little girl, full of energy and conversation. She will talk your ear off if you let her! As much as I know she will love school, I dread losing my little companion. I guess I just need to make the most of these next few months.

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