Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Utah Arts Fest... 2 ways

We have found it… It’s official… the BEST way to do the Utah Arts fest as a family.
Do it twice! Once as a date night (we did Friday), and Once as a Kids day out (we did Saturday morning).
It is the perfect way to fully enjoy the festival.

Arts Fest #1: Date Night!
Thanks to my wonderful parents A and A had a fun sleepover, freeing me and Jeff up for a grown-up night at the Fest. We were able to leisurely stroll through the aisles of art. Jeff chatted with fellow artists and we ran into several friends we could stop and chat with. We ate and drank some of the wonderful offerings at the Fest and stopped to enjoy some of the fun entertainment, (the aerialists were especially impressive! We stayed out late and enjoyed the Arts fest at a relaxed pace (not something possible with A and A).
Arts Fest #2: Kids Day
We picked up A and A and headed out for Festival opening. This Arts fest experience was completely different from the one we had the previous night. It was kinetic, full of joy and energy. There was very little stopping at any of the booths, however some of the bright, bold pieces did catch A and A’s eye.
There was no time for chit, chat, no time for pleasantries. There was one focus… the art yard! The kids had the BEST time! They painted the huge “sculptures.” A put big blue A’s everywhere!  They did all of the activities; Tracy Aviary was doing “seed bombs,” Museum of Natural History did DNA bracelets, there was wish bottles, and time capsules. The SO delicious Dairy Free company gave out free “ice cream” bars to everyone (They actually ARE SO delicious!). It was all perfect and the weather was absolute perfection, 80’s but sunny, couldn’t have asked for better! A and A had an amazing time and since we had done the festival the night before we didn’t have to drag them to do anything they didn’t want to.
Another Arts Fest for the books!

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