Monday, September 12, 2016

First Stop Kindergarten... Next Stop the World

I can’t believe this day has come. My little a, my “baby,” just started kindergarten.  
In some ways I felt much more prepared for her to start than I did for Big A. I know her teacher (the same one Big A had) and LOVED her. I know that she will give little a an amazing kindergarten experience. I know the school now, and the ins and outs of the schedule. All those unknowns that kind of freaked me out when Big A started were not there anymore.
I now had the great sadness of losing my little buddy to contend with. We had the option of starting her this year or waiting until next year since she just turned 5 over the summer. She is the youngest kid in her class and that makes me nervous too. However if you know our little A you know that she is feisty and smart and outgoing and so ready to start school. Holding her back would have made me happy to have the extra year of our one on one time but it would not have been fair to her (as much as I REALLY wanted to!)
So off she went. Butterfly Backpack (she picked out), and a huge grin ready to take on school. I don’t worry about her being shy or not making friends, I worry about her taking over the school!


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