Friday, November 11, 2016

My Little Pilgrims


One more year of the pilgrims...whew! I was so worried that my big boy would not be up for dressing up for a photo shoot this year. I had actually kind of resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn't get one this year. I tried to bring it up tactfully..."Hey guys we are going to do pilgrim pictures this weekend!" Big A was all "Mooooommmm, That is SO dorky, I can't let anyone see me like that!" "We are going to Gardner Village when they are closed, there wont be ANYONE around." Really Mom? Really?" and he gives me the raised eyebrow that he is working a lot lately. Then he says the golden phrase "I'll do it for $5!" Little a chimes in "I want $5 too!"

I am not proud to admit it but I am NOT above bribing my children. $10 in the piggy banks and I have one more year of AMAZING pics of A and A in full on Pilgrim mode!


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