Saturday, September 14, 2013

My sentiments exactly...

After a nice hiatus from work for our awesome Disneyland adventure (I will post all about it as soon as my Disney photo pass CD arrives!) it was time get get ourselves into gear and go to work. This means our whole clan has to get up early. This is what happened after I woke up big a...

Big a: "Sweetie girl time to get up." and kisses her cheeks
Little a: "Hmmmm NO bruder I'm too tired!"
Big a: "but we have to get up and get dressed."
Little a: " No bruder I'm just going back to sleep!" and she turns over and snuggles back in.
Big a: huge smile - "That is a brilliant idea!" and snuggles in around her.

** little a calls big a "Bruder" or brother for those who don't speak toddler.

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