Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Disneyland 2016… They did it again!

I start off by saying that I realize how very, very blessed we are. My parents have once again completely spoiled us. They treated us to a wondrous, magnificent, amazing vacation once again. First whisking us away in a Limo to the airport and taking us all to the “happiest place on earth.” We spent four jam packed days in one of our very favorite places…Disneyland!

We stayed in the glorious Grand Californian. We rode all of our favorite rides (most more than once!). We completely gorged ourselves on decadent food. We played with some of our most beloved character pals (thankfully both A and a embraced the magic and still loved the character experience!) Most of all we got to spend 4 wonderful days making amazing memories with the people we hold most dear. This is what makes these times the most special.

Disneyland 2016 brought us so many, many wonderful memories; bonding memories of things not going quite as planned (a canceled flight! Craziness at LAX!), Funny memories (PaPa using the child strap in Soaring!) Sweet memories (The innocent beaming faces of A and a as they hugged their favorite character friends), Tasty memories (waiting in line almost an HOUR for the most delicious corndogs I have ever tasted!), loving memories (My Mom and Dad walking hand in hand down Disneyland main street with A and A, all 4completely brimming with pure love and happiness). Our trip may be over but the memories of Disneyland 2016 will last forever!

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